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Special Containers

Bulkers, CPCs, Flatracks, Half heights and more

Designed and equipped for the efficient and secure loading, storage and unloading of your freight and with suitability across our range of high-specification special containers for palleted, bulk, and oversized cargoes.
Our Bulkers and Half Heights are BK2 certified and each container within this intermodal fleet is designed to be efficient and robust, ready to support your operation. Where you have specific requirements, we work with you to design the ideal container solution.
CS Bulkers
Flat Racks
Half Heights
Open top container
Platform containers
Side door container

The CS Leasing bulker is a proven Cellular Pallet Wide design, suitable for a wide range of bulk granular products.
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A proven Cellular Pallet Wide design allowing for maximum cargo capacity. Our CPC’s are available in a variety of different sizes.
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Our flat racks are designed for the carriage of oversized or difficult loads that can not be carried in a standard container.
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Our Half Heights are BK2 certified and suitable for a wide range of high density bulk materials that do not require large cubic capacity.
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Our open top containers are suitable for a wide range of standard or project-based cargo such as over-height or dense products.
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Ideal for oversized and irregularly sized cargo, our platforms are most commonly used for transporting machinery and other heavy equipment.
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Our side door containers provide the perfect solution for railcar operation with unrestricted access on both sides for ease and speed of loading and unloading.
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